All The Times Tina Belcher Embodied The Awkwardness In Us All

Sometimes it is hard to see yourself in modern protagonists. When you’re watching television, you don’t see yourself in criminal mastermind Walter White (hopefully) or suave ad man Don Draper. However, once in a while, a character comes along that just gets you and vice versa. Tina Belcher, from Bob’s Burgers, is that character. Voiced to perfection by Dan Mintz (yes, a grown man successfully encapsulates all that is awkward about being a preteen girl), Tina Belcher is the everywoman we deserve. While she might not succeed every time, she is always completely herself and relatably awkward — something to strive for and something to embrace. Here now is a look at some of those moments when Tina really spoke to the awkwardness in us all.

When Your Dreams Aren’t Quite What You Expect

In the latest season of the show, Tina finally lives her lifelong dream and gets to ride an actual, real life horse. However, the experience is more than a little disappointing after years of waiting and wishing. However, instead of letting her dashed expectations bring her down, Tina embraces her own weirdness and does things her way: with an imaginary horse voiced by Paul Rudd. We’ve all had those moments when your dreams don’t quite work out, but it’s best to make lemonade with those lemons instead of letting it get you down.

When You Make The Wrong Social Call

We all make mistakes. We play along with the crowd in order to be cool, when none of us actually know what cool even is. This usually leads to deep public embarrassment, which is something Tina knows a little something about. In season two, Tina decides that reading her latest erotic friend fiction story to her classmates is a good idea. It is not.

When You Can’t Handle Your Emotions

As she navigates puberty, Tina is dealing with a tidal wave of emotions and hormones. Sometimes it is just too much for one person to handle. We’ve all been there, when we aren’t even sure what we’re feeling, because there are a million different emotions fighting for supremacy. It can all be a little much to handle, so sometimes the best option is to just lay down on the floor and wait it out. It may not be the most mature response, but it is the only one your awkward self can make at the moment.

When You’re Dealing With Your Crush

It is a well-known fact that crushes can be awful. Sure, they’re fun and sexy, whatever, but mostly they’re actual torture. Some people are good at flirting, but not you, friend, and not Tina either. In a whirlwind of over-eagerness, word vomit, and having absolutely zero chill, Tina’s interactions with boys can be painfully awkward, but the girl never loses faith in love or herself.

When You’re Awkwardly Determined

Sometimes, even when things look bleak, you just have to soldier on. Whether it is mastering a new skill, doing well in school, or getting Jimmy Jr. to finally notice her, Tina is always the optimist. While she claims not to be a hero (she puts her bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else), her sometimes awkward determination is something to be admired.

When You Can’t Read The Room

All awkward people know that sometimes you’ll just fail to get the right vibe. You’ll make a joke at the absolute worst time or laugh a little too loudly, making yourself the center of attention when you really don’t want to be. Never fear! If Tina can move past it, so can you. Maybe try an awkward dance, or just try to deflect with a strange anecdote. That usually works for Tina.

When You Fail Miserably

You just can’t be good at everything. Some skills you’ll master with aplomb, while others will leave you with a stupid look on your face and a complete lack of self-confidence. Somehow, in a mostly empty parking lot, Tina manages to hit the only other car in the vicinity, groaning awkwardly the entire time. You might be a better driver than her (that wouldn’t be hard), but chances are there are a few things you just can’t seem to get a handle on.

When You Try A Questionable New Look

When you’re feeling bold but not willing to make a drastic change like quit your job or move to a different city, you may feel the urge to change up your look. Unless you’re famous on Instagram or spend way too much time watching YouTube tutorials, there is a pretty good chance that your New Look (TM) may be your Awkward Look. You may keep struggling with an awkward new haircut or make up brushes that you have no idea how to use, but the chances are, you’ll probably return to your tried and true style. Let’s face it: Converse sneakers and a blue t-shirt are a good look for anyone.

When You Still Think You’re Rad As Hell

Even though you’re awkward, lonely, and desperate for love, you are still a trooper. Tina finds more roadblocks than easy pathways, but she continues to love herself and others just the same. Just like her, you are a strong, smart, sensual woman (or man!), and even if people don’t really get your vibe, you’re just going to keep on doing your thing.

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