Tina Fey’s Advice For Allison Williams: ‘Wear A Bra’

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09.24.13 23 Comments

As someone who’s seen Artie Lange’s Beer League not once, not twice, but 17 times, I feel I have the authority to say Tina Fey? Not a bad actress. She’s pretty good in that Studio 30 on the Sunset Rock show, too. So when Fey gives you acting advice, you listen. ‘Cause if you don’t, you’re gonna have to play the worst character on Girls.

Allison Williams had a reunion with her ex-boss Tina Fey before the Emmys.

Brian Williams’ daughter was overheard saying at a Hollywood Reporter party at LA’s Soho House that first job in TV was as Fey’s assistant. She added that the 30 Rock star also spoke at her graduation from New Canaan Country School and gave some unusual life tips.

“Allison said that Tina’s advice to her class was, ‘Wear a bra, don’t smoke,’ ” a spy said. But Williams was then heard saying at the Soho House bash, “But now I work on Girls, where wardrobe doesn’t even let you wear a bra! You can’t find one anywhere on set.” (Via)

Deep in her closet, Lena Dunham has constructed a shrine to her boyfriend’s band, fun., made out of contraband bras, like Helga on Hey Arnold! did with gum. It’s a very healthy activity.


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