Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd Reenacted 'Sixteen Candles' For VH1 In 2004, But It Never Aired

Rather than acknowledge the existence of Admission, Paul Rudd and Tina Fey’s new disappointing looking movie about a college admission officer (Fey) whose life gets flipped turned upside down by a former classmate (Rudd), can we have footage of Liz Lemon and Brian Fantana acting out scenes from Sixteen Candles instead?

Rudd: We knew each other but we didn’t know each other very well. I’m trying to think, did we meet during the Soundtracks thing?

Fey: I think that might have been, yeah, we did this, would you call it a pilot? This special thing that never aired on VH1…It was a really cool thing that Amy Poehler and Amy Miles kind of ran where it was this thing called Soundtracks Live where they would take a movie like, was it Sixteen Candles?

Rudd: Yeah, we did Sixteen Candles.

Fey: Where you would like act out the movie and then a band would play the soundtrack live and people would sing the songs.

Do you want all my money, VH1? Here’s all my money, VH1 *hands over two pennies and a Q-tip* I need this now.

Rudd: We shot it we did everything it was amazing and then John Hughes said no and —

Fey: He said he didn’t like it, and it was like…OK, great.


How long are you talking about, approximately?

Fey: Uh, 15 years ago? 10 years ago?

Rudd: It might have been about…9 years ago?

Fey: What did you play in it? In the Sixteen Candles part of it?

Rudd: I did, um, I had a few different parts.

Fey: You were a swing?

Rudd: Uh, I was a swing yes. And then I sang a song at the end. With the Vapors. “Turning Japanese.” And Armisen might have been on drums.

This story should never end.

Fey: And I played one of the grandmothers.

Rudd: Yeah, you and…Will?

Fey: Arnett? Yeah, Arnett and I.

Rudd: And Jon Glaser, Jon Glaser was Molly Ringwald. No!

Fey: No, Amy Miles was Molly Ringwald. Glaser was Anthony Michael Hall.

Does this exist somewhere? Can we watch this?

Rudd: It does exist somewhere, yeah.

Fey: In Amy Poehler’s living room.

Rudd: Actually, she told me she watched it recently.

Fey: Yeah, she, maybe that’s what reminded me, she sent me a screen grab of it recently.

One important detail was left out: who played Long Duk Dong? I hope it was Steve Carell testing out his Ping.

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