Billy Eichner Found The One Thing Tina Fey Isn’t Good At

Tina Fey can have it all. She’s one of the funniest people alive, she followed up one hilarious Emmy-winning show (30 Rock) with another hilarious Emmy-nominated show (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and she’s a lip-sync pro. But there is one thing she’s not good at… naming famous Latinos.

In a game that I assume the writers came up with the name of first, Fey played a round of “LaTina Fey” during the season premiere of truTV’s Billy on the Street, which airs on Oct. 8. Her goal: Name as many Latino performers as she can think of in one minute, all while holding an Oscar.

Can she do it? Spoiler: Nope, not with answers like “the woman from Jane the Virgin,” “the guy that’s in Congress,” “the really handsome guy who was on Law & Order” (she was thinking of Jimmy Smits, who was on NYPD Blue), and “Mark Cuban.” Tina’s only failure in life means that she didn’t get to take home Brokeback Mountain-themed potholders, including one that reads, “I’m not no queer.” On the plus side, she stole the LaTina Fey award, which means some lucky New Yorker got to see Tina Fey running around with a fake trophy from a show where Billy Eichner screams at you. Only in New York.