Tina Fey Proves Just How Terrible She Is At Impressions

Tina Fey is a very funny lady with a lot of talent with most things that she takes on, unless it’s impressions. Jimmy Fallon forces her to whip out her Robert DeNiro impression, which is nothing more than a very funny face that starts out as someone sniffing a rank fart and morphs into Hollywood wiseguy:

So in typical Tonight Show fashion, this leads to a game where Fallon and Fey butt heads with dueling impressions. Terrible impressions. Terrible, but very funny impressions that are likely better than anything I can do. I just wish we wouldn’t have wasted our time with this when there are grander ideas just sitting out there to be snatched. Like how about a full version of the song “Night Cheese?”

Sure, Bob Seger might not be happy, but he also let his music appear in Joe Dirt. The guy is supposed to be cool and bad ass, not some sort of legal eagle with no sense of humor. Plus Fallon’s got The Roots just sitting over there, attempting to fit in offensive songs on network TV. Get it done.

(Via The Tonight Show)