Please Allow Tina Fey To Hilariously Convince You That Her Daughter Is A Sociopath

I can count on one hand the people I enjoy listening talk about their kids without using up all my fingers. Tina Fey happens to represent one of those digits. It’s not just that she’s a brilliant and funny lady. It’s that she’ll sell her kids down the river for the sake of  a good story. She in no way attempts to do that parent thing and force her kids’ adorableness on you. Instead she paints them as the insane little space beings whose sole purpose is to keep you from functioning like a full grown adult that they are.

In the above clip from her drop-in on Letterman last night Tina goes to lengths about why her youngest daughter is most likely a sociopath. It’s funny because she’s not strong enough to strangle you.

And if you just can’t get enough Tina (me either) CBS is remarkably on their game today/last night and has two more clips up on YouTube that you can conveniently view below.

Here’s a fun story about how Tina Fey’s production company moved into new office space in Manhattan only to immediately get robbed. This leads to Dave explaining robbery vs. burglary to here and making a Leno joke. There’s also surveillance footage of the burglary. Good times.

And here’s Tina explaining what a wreck she’s become now that she no longer has hair and makeup people taking care of her everyday. Please never change, Tina Fey.