Tina Fey Makes A Triumphant Return As Sarah Palin For The ‘SNL’ Finale

If there was any question about what Tina Fey’s true SNL legacy will be once she’s finally retired, she reminded everybody during the SNL finale by bringing back Sarah Palin for another ride. This time, she’s finally made it to the Oval Office — just not as vice president — and she’s there to sing a song with the rest of the current and former Trump team members that made this a memorable year. And Stormy Daniels too — this time played by Cecily Strong and not the real Stormy Daniels.

The last time SNL‘s version of Palin appeared on the show, she was giving Darrell Hammond’s version of Trump her endorsement in January 2016. This time around, she’s making it clear she’s still up for any job in the administration, even if it seems like a political death wish for anybody who takes the job.

Fey has made Palin one of her defining impressions on the show, drawing so much attention that the real Sarah Palin has gotten in on the joke during several occasions and Senator John McCain even stopped by to fool around with her portrayal. And even though she retired the impression once in her career, it seems like it is here to stay. Heck, it helped her and Amy Poehler win an Emmy when they co-hosted the show back in 2015.

She just better hope the real Palin doesn’t get any ideas from this appearance and seek a job in The White House. She’ll end up getting stuck with Alec Baldwin in Trumpland during the cold opens. That said, it might mean we’d get a 30 Rock parody to end the season next year.

(Via SNL)