T.J. Miller From ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Really Good At Acceptance Speeches

There are a few different ways you can handle winning a big fancy award. You can do the “Oh, me? Really? But I didn’t even prepare a speech. Wow” semi-false modesty thing. You can do the earnest, delighted thanks thing, sweetly thanking the people who helped you get there. You can do the charming, been-there-before thing, zipping off a quick joke or two and basically doing your best George Clooney impression. (Works best if you are actually George Clooney.)

Or, you can do what T.J. Miller — no stranger to live, televised chaos — did last night after winning the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards for his portrayal of Erlich Bachman on Silicon Valley: jam food in your mouth, chug your drink, go up to the stage the wrong way, break the microphone, cuss a bunch, and shout out Julia Louis-Dreyfus while you wing the whole thing. I mean, it’s your moment. Shine away, baby.

(Via Vulture)