T.J. Miller Makes ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Worth Watching By Taking It Off Its Rails

Managing Editor, Trending
11.16.16 2 Comments

Lip Sync Battle hasn’t given us many reasons to watch in recent weeks, likely thanks to the election and the dropping stock of lip syncing within America’s pop culture. It’s all about Carpool Karaoke these days and the people are into actual people singing, in cars, with late night hosts by their side. I think it’d be funnier if they were forced to sing in order to keep the car in motion, like Cash Cab but with a fear element to it when the driver ditches the vehicle in motion.

But this week’s Lip Sync Battle featured a renewed reason to watch: Silicon Valley star and comedy madman T.J. Miller. He’s given us gold at almost every turn, be it Silicon Valley outtakes, celebrity stories, disastrous technology awards shows, or late night appearances. His lip sync appearance is likely the first must watch appearance from the show since The Rock flipped off Jimmy Fallon or C-Tates showed up as Beyonce alongside Beyonce.

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