T.J. Miller Gets Into A Fight With A Talking Orange In This Shock Top Super Bowl Commercial

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01.28.16 4 Comments

Everyone’s favorite acerbic comedian T.J. Miller stars in Shock Top’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, as part of the three-and-a-half minutes of airtime Anheuser-Busch purchased for this year’s game. In the spot, which is being called “the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all-time,” Miller sits down at a bar and immediately begins butting heads with the macro-brewed Belgian white’s mascot, a sunglasses and Mohawk-sporting talking orange named “Wedgehead” who tells the comedian he looks like “an unemployed civil war general.”

Things get predictably weirder from there. For anyone who might be thinking that having T.J. Miller argue with a talking orange is an, uh, interesting way to spend your Super Bowl advertising dollars, Miller himself sheds some light onto Shock Top’s decision.

“Shock Top made a bold move by saying, ‘This is a fairly irreverent a–hole,'” he cracked, quickly apologizing for the profanity and substituting something equally hilarious and more profane. “I thought it was a strong move by them and I can trust a brand that says, ‘Go for it, do your thing—because they’re spelling ‘thing’ T-H-A-N-G. Do your ‘thang.’ So when I got that email I felt, ‘Well, they’re going to be pretty open to it being a little bit strange.'”

It’s definitely strange, but considering that last year’s Super Bowl featured a halftime show with dancing sharks, the bar had kind of already been raised. Having said that, some of us would still rather watch three hours of T.J. Miller fighting with a talking orange than any football game.

(Via E! Online)

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