TLC’s Nudist Reality Series ‘Buying Naked’ Promises Butts Galore

TLC, the network formerly known as The Learning Channel — now the bastion for programming having to do with sex emergencies, deviant additions, clown car vaginas and Honey Boo Boo — is jumping aboard the naked reality show trend with their new nudist reality series, Buying Naked. The series, which originally aired as a two hour special last fall, follows nudist real estate agent Jackie Youngblood and her team as they “help nudists find homes in the ‘Nudist Capital of North America,’ a.k.a Pasco County, Florida.”

But the burning question remains: Just how is TLC going to get around all that pesky nudity? Fox 411 spoke with the series creators have all the answers.

Lots of strategic object placement, Executive Producer Mike Kane explained.

“We didn’t want to have a show that was completely blurred the whole way through,” he said. “You will see bare rear ends. We don’t have to blur those but you will not see anything else other than that. We have either creatively blocked it [or blurred it]… but it never goes any further than just the rear ends.”

So in others words, if you enjoyed the challenge of trying to masturbate around the static and squiggles of your local cable provider’s softcore porn channels growing up, this is the series for you. Naked Buying premieres on June 28th with two back-to-back episodes, and here’s the trailer if you missed it. Perfect for anyone who enjoys House Hunters but just wishes it was a just a little bit sexier.