The Classic ‘TMNT’ Arcade Game Is Getting A Perfectly-Accurate Toy Line

Yes, I am a grown man who has Bioshock’s Big Daddy battling Batman on his desk. Yes, I’m trying really hard to not add Solid Snake to the fray for some sort of dream triple threat match. There are just so many cool collectibles out there, and only so much money and so much patience from my wife, who is already dealing with all of my Fallout memorabilia. But, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures based on the classic 1989 Konami side-scroller beat ’em up must be purchased. Take my money, all of it.

If you were around in the days of the TMNT arcade classic, you know that this was the game. Konami dominated arcades in those days with 4-player co-op perfection with not only this TMNT game but its sequel, Turtles in Time as well as X-Men and Aliens vs. Predator.

And so, NECA is creating this nostalgia-filled line of Turtles toys with the utmost care. The fearsome foursome will come packaged in “retro” boxes that will look like their character select screen. What the boxes for the members of the Foot Clan and Shredder will look like, we don’t know yet.

Sadly, they are exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, but we can hope for a wide release.

(Via Game Informer)