TMZ Remains The Worst, Is Now Asking Half-Drunk Celebrities About Real-Life Serial Killers

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In their continued campaign to drag society kicking-and-screaming down the universe’s toilet, the people — and I use that term loosely — at TMZ sent a camerabro to hang out in a Los Angeles parking lot late at night and pepper anyone semi-recognizable with questions about the real-life Dexter story involving the serial-killing teenage Craigslist Satanist. (“Coming to Lifetime this fall, Teenage Craigslist Satanist,” starring Lacey Chabert.) Their reason for doing this, besides the thing I just mentioned about the universe’s toilet, was to try to catch a possibly inebriated person — like, say, Breaking Bad‘s RJ Mitte — saying something regrettable that they could toss into a click-baity headline. Weeeeeelllllp, mission accomplished.

I will now rank the bad actors involved here, from most to least deplorable:

1) The Craigslist Serial Killer — Gonna be tough for anyone to unseat her.

2) TMZ, In General — TMZ is the party who set things in motion by (a) employing the camerabro, (b) encouraging him to ask questions like this, and (c) just being awful, in general. They get the lion’s share of the blame for everything not directly related to the murders in question.

3) The TMZ Camerabro — What are you even doing with your life? I mean that. I want to know. You, specifically. The guy who filmed this video. Contact me and explain yourself.

4) Me — Even though my intentions were pure (rip on TMZ, put story in perspective), I still posted their stupid video at the top of the page and linked to their dumb website. In doing so, I gave them exactly what they wanted. My hands aren’t clean. I recognize that.

5) RJ Mitte — I’m cutting you some slack due to the circumstances at play here, RJ, but in the future, try to avoid looking into a camera and saying a story about a lady who says she killed up to 100 people is “hilarious.” And stop being all buddy-buddy with TMZ employees. Let’s chalk this up as a lesson learned and move on.