A Live-Action, Nightwing-Centered ‘Teen Titans’ Show Is Coming, But There’s A Catch

DC Comics and Warner have already brought (or are bringing) a slew of superheroes to television, including Gotham, Constantine, Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash. Now it’s the Teen Titans’ turn, with an emphasis on Nightwing (Dick Grayson, Batman’s former Robin). This time TNT is the channel vying for those lucrative superhero dollars, reports Variety.

TNT […] and Warner Bros. are nearing a deal on a pilot production order for Titans, a one-hour drama based on younger characters in the WB-owned DC Comics universe. […] The show would center on Dick Grayson, the former Robin who emerges from Batman’s shadow to become Nightwing and the leader of a fearless band of heroes who include Starfire and Raven.

Now here’s the bad news. Titans is being co-written and executive produced by Akiva Goldsman, whom you can thank for the Batman & Robin and Batman Forever screenplays. Ice work, Goldsman. (Yes, we know he has an Oscar for writing A Beautiful Mind, but have you seen Batman & Robin?) The other co-writer is Marc Haimes of 2014’s The Last Word.

For what it’s worth, Goldsman has been trying to make a Teen Titans movie for years, nearly getting a live-action film moved into production back in 2007, one year after the animated series ended. So at least he cares enough about the Titans that maybe this won’t get Schumacher’d. And what we really want to know is, who’s gonna play Nightwing? *please say Matt Bomer, please say Matt Bomer*

Well, whoever they cast, one thing is certain (besides smoldering dudes with rippling abs and intense young women in spandex). This trilogy just became a quadrilogy, and now we’re more confused than ever.