TNT to Produce ‘Ladycop: The Movie’

08.19.11 4 Comments

TNT announced a little while back that they were getting into the TV movie game, and now they’ve settled on the first installment: “Hide,” a crime drama based on a book by Lisa Gardner, starring Carla Gugino as Boston detective D.D. Warren. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The story will revolve around Warren, who will investigate the mummified remains of six missing women found inside a buried chamber at an abandoned mental hospital. The case will lead Warren to investigate Annabelle, a woman with a secret past and twisted family history.

The telepic is part of the cable network’s new lineup of original movies under its upcoming “TNT Mystery Movie Night” announced at the upfronts in May that will feature six contemporary crime dramas based on true-crime stories and fictional mysteries.

Don’t look now, but between “Rizzoli & Isles,” “The Closer,” reruns of “Bones” and “Cold Case” and some of these new movies (including a second one starring Catherine Bell from “JAG”), TNT is damn near cornering the market on ladycop shows. I mean, USA’s got that one with Piper Perabo as a spy and “In Plain Sight,” but they’re not really “cop” shows. And “In Plain Sight” is shutting it down after this season, anyway. FX has none. AMC had “The Killing,” but let’s keep on pretending that never happened. Hell, even the big networks really can’t keep up with TNT. There’s “Castle” and “Body of Proof” on ABC (but those are stretches because “Castle” is more about, well, Castle, and “Body of Proof” is about a medical examiner, but I called “Bones” a ladycop show, so I’ll allow it), and there are other shows with female cops, but not many others that rise to the level of the ones on TNT.

In summation, I suppose the two most important takeaways of this post would be: 1) Carla Gugino is very attractive. 2) I know an awful lot about ladycop shows.

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