‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Is Officially Getting A Sequel On Netflix

Netflix knows a good thing when it has it, which is why one of its most popular original movies is officially getting a sequel. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has been a huge based-on-a-novel smash for the streaming service, and Netflix has a great gift for fans of the coming-of-age story just in time for Christmas.

Staring Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean, the 2018 movie explores what happens when a high school girl’s love letters never meant to be seen by her crushes actually get sent off through the postal service. It’s cute and smartly calls out some stereotypes that the teen movies of an earlier generation leaned on. It’s also an extremely popular film for Netflix, and since a sequel to the film was absolutely left open by the movie’s conclusion it seemed only a matter of time before we got a sequel.

It seems that sequel is, indeed, coming sometime in the near future. On Thursday, Netflix shared a video with Condor reprising her character (kind of) and talking to Noah Centineo, who played Love Interest Peter in the film. The video has Condor on the bed in her bedroom from the movie as Lara Jean, and as she’s making a Christmas list she gets a call from Noah.

The video is mostly a conversation between her and Noah via video messaging, where they make a “Christmas contract” that also name drops some other Netflix films. They won’t watch a Christmas horror movie, you see, but The Christmas Prince movies are definitely on the table. Condor then said that she gets to tell their fans “about our little secret.”

“I am so excited! It is officially official,” Condor said. “We are making the To All The Boys sequel!”

There were no details about a release date or who else will be in the film, but having the two main protagonists back is exciting, and definitely a good place to start. Will more suitors for Lara Jean make themselves known? Will Margot develop an accent like Madonna and find new love stateside? Will Lana’s youngest sister, Kitty, be imprisoned for committing mail fraud? Probably not, but at there’s definitely a lot to look forward to here if you enjoyed the first film.