No Dry Run Needed: 5 Industries That Should Start Incorporating Tobias Fünke’s Likeness Immediately

Yesterday Redditor Those_anarchopunks shared on the highly popular Arrested Development sub-Reddit (they had me full in the tank at their modified logo) the label to an Anderson Valley craft brew he/she was enjoying that suddenly looked familiarly buy-curious.

The brewery has since claimed on its website that the image is of some other dude who just happens to share a resemblance to everyone’s favorite analrapist, which is a shame, because I would have totally figured out a way to score a sixer of Anderson Valley had they truly snuck the man inside me into their label.

This got me to thinking about how much more inclined I’d be to buy just about anything that somehow incorporated Tobias’s likeness — and how the many looks of Fünke have pretty much gift-wrapped doing so for several industries. Sure, the suits may show up if The Gap promotes a fire sale the most appropriate way possible, but I encourage mom and pop retailers the world over to do so. These industries should also take note…

Bonus: Bangers in the mouth!

“Those are balls.”

“I was told it was a bob.”

Two words: Leather Daddy