You Might Believe What This Australian News Anchor Accidentally Said To Make Her Co-Host Lose His Sh*t

Every time we check in on Today, Australia’s version of the Today Show, it does not disappoint. Usually the amusement is provided by host Karl Stefanovic, who hilariously perved up the Wii curling challenge, triumphantly fist pumps at his own puns, told the Dalai Lama pizza joke to the Dalai Lama, and completely lost his sh*t during an interview with Grumpy Cat.

This time the entertainment is being provided by host Deb Knight, and Stefanovic is there to completely lose it again. The blooper comes when Knight narrates a segment about cats playing with laundry, and you won’t believe what she said next! Or you might. I don’t know your life.

Via SayOMG