Today's Top Story: 'Game of Ponies'

04.05.12 6 Comments

This video, made by YouTube user adecoy95, is delightful. It takes the “Game of Thrones” intro and mashes it up with “My Little Pony,” because, well … I dunno why, so let’s just leave it at “because the Internet is great.” I’ve watched it like ten times since yesterday, and it has cracked me up each time — partially because the concept of one of the more violent and mature shows in television history getting crossed with cutesy little horsies is a fun juxtaposition, and partially because one time a horse got decapitated on the show and that made me think about all the “My Little Pony” characters getting brutally murdered. It’s the little things, people.

A little background: Dustin originally had this video attached to the bottom of yesterday’s What’s On Tonight post, as a fun little addition to the listings. When I saw the video, about 20 minutes before the post was about to go live, I immediately zipped off a breathless email begging him to let me use it for a standalone post. I even offered to send him a fruit basket. The reason I was so excited about it was not just because I think it’s neat and fun and something something pageviews, but also because it gives me an excuse to re-post my single favorite thing of all time: the video of the “My Little Pony” characters rapping along to Wu-Tang (NSFW audio). It takes all I have not to tack it onto EVERY post regardless of context, so when I have a legitimate excuse, I will jump all over it. You are all quite welcome.

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