A New ‘Doctor Who’ Novel Is Coming Out Written By Former Time Lord Tom Baker

11.25.18 8 months ago

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Of the 13 people who’ve played the Time Lord known as “The Doctor” on Doctor Who over the last 55 years, Tom Baker — the fourth — remains among the most popular, if not top dog. With his curly mop of hair, big, googly eyes, and eccentric mien, the English actor manned the brainy English sci-fi role from 1974 to 1981, sandwiched in between the comparatively staid Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison. The role has stuck with Baker over the years; he even appeared in the 50th anniversary episode in 2013, though as a curator, not the Doctor. And now, as per EW, he’s even co-written a Doctor Who novel, due out early next year.

Entitled Scratchman, which Baker has written with author James Goss, it’s essentially a novelization of a film that was never made. During his Who reign, Baker and actor Ian Marter worked on a script for a big budget movie, which would find the Doctor trying to save a town from murderous scarecrows. There would have been robots known as Cybors, the Greek god pan, and the titular boogeyman — a devil god villain. The action-packed climax, with an appearance from the dreaded, scary-voiced Daleks, would take place on a giant pinball table.

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