Tom Brokaw Had Some Pretty Harsh Things To Say About Donald Trump And Cable News

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Tom Brokaw retired from the NBC news desk in 2004, and he is more grateful than ever, it seems. At the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. last night, Brokaw was promoting his newest book, A Lucky Life Interrupted, and taking questions from the crowd. Naturally, the former news anchor was asked about current events, specifically the upcoming presidential election, even more specifically: Donald Trump. Well, Brokaw is very happy to be writing books these days because he wants nothing to do with The Donald.

“If I was at ‪NBC News right now leading with‪ Donald Trump every night, I’d call in sick,” said Brokaw.

According to The Wrap, the crowd “erupted in applause” after he said that. They also noted that Brokaw told Politico in an extensive post about Trump’s campaign that while the media looks on in astounded wonder that this thing continues to persist like a nagging cough or a summer cold, something will inevitably come along and destroy it because there is nothing supporting this sideshow other than a passing interest in the grotesque and unbelievable:

“In politics, particularly presidential races, my oft repeated mantra is the UFO rule. At some point, the unforeseen will occur…

“Gary Hart and Monkey Business, Dukakis failing to defend Kitty, Bush 41 and the Perot factor. What the UFO will be this time, I don’t know yet, but there will be one — and not just for Trump,” he said. “All the candidates in both parties are vulnerable.”

So expect the “Tom Brokaw is a disgusting stupid loser” tweets from Trump by the end of the day, because remember — Donald Trump is a classy presidential candidate.

(Via The Wrap)