Tom Cruise Lives Out His Most Iconic Roles While Taking An Actual Cruise In London With James Corden

The last time Tom Cruise stopped by The Late Late Show, he got a chance to recreate all of his iconic roles in rapid succession alongside James Corden. It was high energy, as are most things with Cruise, and it seems like everybody had a great time. The same can’t be said this time around, at least for James Corden. The host got together with Cruise while both were in London and he wanted to surprise the actor with a special day. Cruise initially thinks it is going to be a big day on the town, but Corden has other business-related plans in store.

Instead of seeing the sights and enjoying some fun with Tom Cruise, Corden decides to put together a theme cruise line using both of their career high points to lure tourists aboard and make some cash. At least 2,000 pounds a year if things are successful.

It’s a silly sketch and idea, but the main draw is seeing Cruise interact with all of those roles he’s become known for over the years. There’s an Eyes Wide Shut and Top Gun room, a Risky Business contest, a Cocktail bar room, and some sort of room based on The Mummy. While Cruise is initially skeptical in the sketch, he changes his tune after having a great time with all the folks who join in. Corden, on the other hand, does not because no one wants to visit his part of the ship. People clearly still have sore feelings about Into The Woods.

Cruise makes up for this by joining Corden for a rendition of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” while wearing some Top Gun costumes. One thing that is very clear from this sketch, Cruise has no problem trying to sing. He attempts to sing some Bob Seger early in the sketch and then works his way through The Righteous Brothers with Corden. He’s not very good at it, but he’s trying his best out there. It’s commendable.

(Via The Late Late Show)