Tom Hardy Rang In The New Year By Adorably Reading A Bedtime Story With His Sleepy Dog

New Year’s Eve saw plenty of drama on this side of the pond, including Mariah Carey’s mesmerizing trainwreck performance and Don Lemon’s entire evening that may have brought one hell of a hangover. So, anyone would be forgiven for missing this Tom Hardy BBC appearance, which presents the perfect opportunity for a reliving some holiday magic. No? Don’t judge me.

The rough-and-tumble bloke appeared on CBeebies Bedtime Stories to read a fetching tale — You Must Bring A Hat — for the kiddies, but adults will enjoy it too. There’s truly something here for everyone, including a chance to see Hardy soften up and temporarily abandon his tough-guy exterior. The persona has served him well in a number of movies, but the pressure to maintain had to give at some point.

One can choose to listen to the story itself, since Hardy took great pains to pepper his portrayal with different character voices. However, the big distraction here is Hardy’s dog, Woody (“Woodstock” for those who feel fancy), happily lounging on his owner’s lap. The pup previously won the red carpet while looking even more dapper than his dad, and here, that fancy hat easily won the night.

Happy New Year, indeed.

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