Here’s A Trailer For Tom Hiddleston’s Thriller Miniseries ‘The Night Manager’

If you’re missing some Tom Hiddleston in your life, and don’t want to wait until the next Thor or Avengers comes out, then look forward to this miniseries he stars in, The Night Manager. It’s airing on AMC starting February 19th, and also stars Hugh Laurie!

Hiddleston plays a former British soldier who poses as a night manager for a hotel to infiltrate the inner circle of Laurie’s arms dealer. Judging by the trailer, there’s a lot of shirtless lounging by the pool, explosions, recreational speed boating, sex, glowering contests, and BETRAYAL.

Seriously, this looks pretty good, and is only six episodes long. I’m sold. Plus, the miniseries originally aired on the BBC, which connotes prestige, is directed by respected European director Susanne Bier, and is based on a John Le Carré novel.

Here’s what Bier said about the adaptation, according to Slash Film:

David Farr’s elegant script perfectly orchestrates the central cat-and-mouse game between these two irresistibly flawed characters. That Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston will be playing Roper and Pine, respectively, is so thrilling to me. Their shared soulfulness, precision and sharp humor will seduce us all, both through Roper’s charming yet insidious manipulations and Pine’s unsettlingly enigmatic struggle to do the right thing.

(via Slash Film)