Tom Hiddleston Blamed Thor A Lot While Doing The Weather Report On Chicago Local News

Former Loki, current Hank Williams, and future James Bond (…maybe) Tom Hiddleston has been lighting things up lately while on his press tour in support of Williams biopic I Saw the Light. Besides the normal round of talk shows, press events, and various red carpets, Hiddleston is really putting in an effort with the lead up to this new film by doing things like performing an entire concert in character in – where else – Nashville itself. Now, he’s gone beyond showing up to events in character as Hank Williams and is trying other methods to endear himself to potential audiences. As if he really needs to try that hard to endear himself to people.

His latest venture into being adorable is trying out a new career completely. In a dash of genius, Hiddles gave a weather report for a random Chicago news station and laid the Avengers puns on thick while he was at it. Granted, it’s pretty easy to work Thor references into a weather report because they mostly have to do with thunder and lightning already, but we’ll still give him credit for making a go of it. Plus, many other celebrities have tried to be just as cutesy and endearing and have fallen completely flat in the process. Props to Hiddleston for putting his dorky (but still cute!) side out there and blowing us away. Pun definitely intended.

(via Fox 32 Chicago)

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