Cookie Monster As Tom Waits Singing ‘Hell Broke Luce’? Yes Please.

Rejoice, parody lovers, CookieWaits has returned! Two years ago we basked in the glory of Cookie Monster clips synced with Tom Waits’ “God’s Away On Business.” Other mashups tried to replicate the “Tom Waits as Cookie Monster” magic, but no imitators could find clips so perfectly fitting in both context and mouth movement.

Now the second coming of CookieWaits is here. This time, he gives the Cookie Monster business to Tom Waits’ darkly funny yet depressing injured veteran story “Hell Broke Luce”. As the uploader says, “Cookie Monster should get through the entire Waits oeuvre in roughly 537 years.” We’ll wait. Any musician who could inspire the Joker is worth it.

Some of the language is NSFW, of course, but that just adds to the charm. Who wouldn’t want to see Cookie Monster bark about polishing up a turd? This makes me so happy. How happy? This happy.


(H/T: Laughing Squid)