This Anchor’s ‘Unfiltered’ Rant Against President Obama Has Gone Viral

30 Rock had Steve Austin; real life has Tomi Lahren. She is somehow not a Tina Fey creation.

A rant by the On Point with Tomi Lahren host, which is apparently a show on One America News, which is apparently a network, has gone viral, with the clip above gathering over one million views in a matter of days. It’s your typical, hateful “blah blah blah, Obama, blah blah blah, white racism” rigmarole, inspired by the recent shooting in Chattanooga, Tenn.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Lahren. Earlier this year, she said:

“So, I think we’ve gone through this: Old, rich, white males. I want to remind you, let’s look at the top three Democrats for 2016. You’ve got Hillary, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden? Old, rich, white, and if the pantsuit fits, male too? I don’t know, it’s an interesting lineup, what do you guys think? (Via)

I think I’m not reading the YouTube comments.

(Via Telegraph)

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