Tonight’s Obvious TV Viewing: ‘Teen Wolf’

If you’d told us a few years ago that a TV show based on a Michael J. Fox flick was going to be the best thing on TV tonight, we probably would have wondered why MTV was being allowed to turn Back To The Future into a series. But no, it’s Teen Wolf, and it’s tonight’s obvious choice for viewing.

Teen Wolf has rather cleverly spun out the basic concept of the movie into a compelling drama: Scott, our hero, has to balance getting toothy and hairy every full moon with his family and other relationships. The show cleverly uses the various problems of turning into a wolf as a metaphor for the struggles everyone faces in their teenage years: Hair in new places, struggles to fit in, finding the right kind of personal connections while avoiding the toxic ones, and not inflicting bite wounds on your best friends.

The midseason finale in particular lingers on the idea of connections being both positive and negative; villain Theo is trying to take control of Scott’s pack, and, this being a midseason finale, somebody’s gonna die. For its clever take on puberty, and fun teen drama, that makes Teen Wolf tonight’s obvious viewing choice.