Tony Danza Talked About The Time John Boehner Serenaded Him With A Birthday Song

Welp, I don’t think anything I hear today is going to top this as far as as total f*cking randomness goes. Tony Danza was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, where he recounted a story about his most recent birthday trip to Patsy’s, New York City’s famous Italian joint. Because where else would Tony Danza celebrate his birthday?

On his way out, Patsy’s owner told Danza and a friend that John Boehner and his family were eating upstairs, and the two wandered up. Sure enough, there was John Boehner eating with his family. But when the Speaker of the House found out it was Tony Danza’s birthday, apparently he and his entire family broke out into song — performing an original Boehner family birthday song for the former Who’s the Boss star.

I would have never guessed by John Boehner’s sunny disposition that he’s the type of dude prone to random bursts of music, but there ya go. Maybe that’s all our government needs for everybody to get along — more singing. It would be like Congress: The Musical.