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Tony Danza will star in a new A&E reality show in which he spends a year teaching English at a New York City high school. And you better believe it took every fiber of my being not to write “Who’s the Boss NOW?” as a lede.  From the NY Post’s Starr Report (via BWE):

In the untitled project, Danza — who earned a degree in history education from the University of Dubuque before launching his acting career — will spend a year teaching 10th grade English at a New York City school.

“I was talking about going back and answering the call to service and doing something different with my life,” Danza told me yesterday. “I’m going to teach 10th grade English and have some other duties, maybe a drama class, and all of the things that come with teaching, like cafeteria duty.

“I’m trying to do what I call ‘responsible reality,’ ” says Danza, 58. “I don’t want to do that other [reality] stuff and I don’t want to do a game show and nobody’s knocking down my door for acting jobs.”

Wow, that’s kinda sad and mildly heartwarming all at once.  And it’s not like today’s high schoolers grew up watching him bicker with Judith Light and buy training bras for Alyssa Milano. **flashback to pubescent sigh** So hey, why NOT do something good and teach?  Also, I want to see it just for the chance something like this might happen:

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