Tony Hale Talks The Future Of ‘Arrested Development’ And Being At The Mercy Of Mitch Hurwitz

I think we’ve made it clear that VEEP returns to HBO tonight and with it comes the incredibly funny Tony Hale. But during his appearance on Letterman this week, Hale focused a bit on that other little show he’s known for, Arrested Development.

Now Buster Bluth / Gary Walsh twin brother rumors aside, we haven’t seen much of Arrested Development since binging the entire new season on Netflix last year. Netflix has made it clear that they want more Arrested Development and the cast is sure they would jump at the chance for another season or movie, so what’s the hold up? According to Hale, it’s the genius of Mitchell Hurwitz:

“We’re just kind of at the mercy of where Mitch Hurwitz takes it. He’s such a talented guy and comes up with amazing ideas…Whenever he wants to, we just jump at the chance to do it.” (via)

Of course Letterman goads Hale into calling Hurwitz a douchebag a few moments later, but it was a heap of praise for the most part. I guess as soon as he’s done partying his ass off at Greendale, we will get more Arrested Development.

Hale also stopped by CBS This Morning to talk Buster Bluth a bit, revealing how much he enjoyed dating Liza Minelli and hated wearing Buster’s argyle socks and pastel wardrobe.

It’s all a pleasant look back and I’m sure he’s just happy no one has to bring up that “Mr. Roboto” Volkswagen ad anymore.

(Via The Late Show / CBS)