Tony Soprano Lines For When You Have To Clean Up Someone Else’s Mess

09.06.16 2 years ago


A leader is only as good as his or her team and unfortunately for Tony Soprano, he surrounded himself with some completely unwise wiseguys. Every season of The Sopranos (which you can stream on HBO Now) put Tony in the position where he had to navigate the escalating problems that came with running an organized crime syndicate, attempting to both fix his own mistakes and those of the people who worked for him. Should you find yourself dealing with your own equivalent of a Feech La Manan, Ralph Cifaretto, or even more maddening, a Christopher Moltisanti — aka, screw ups who drag you down and force you to clean up their mess — keep these Tony Soprano lines handy.

“It’s okay, we’re gonna take care of it.”


Christopher had his share of screw-ups over the show’s run, with Tony having to sit him down and lay out a plan for fixing the mess. He looks up to Tony as a father figure and can’t help but break down into tears when he has to tell him that Adriana’s under the Fed’s thumb and the entire family is in jeopardy. Christopher doesn’t even contemplate for a second begging Tony to spare Adriana, instead confessing that he’s too weak to take care of the mess himself. Like the always-ready boss that he is, Tony simply says that he’ll handle the situation. Things, of course, do not work out well for Adriana, and the scene with Chris and Tony later looking back on the ordeal over a bottle of wine showed just how powerful the bond between them was — at least for short while. Sometimes “I’ll take care of it ” is all you can say before getting your hands dirty.

“Shut the f*** up and listen to me.”


Tony probably could have saved himself a lot of grief if he had begun every single interaction he had with Christopher this way. It was only after Christopher’s intervention went downhill with a fist fight — I think we all saw that coming — and he ended up in the hospital that he really opened his ears. Sometimes you’ve just gotta tell a person the harsh truth and let them know that they’re out of second chances. While Christopher does agree to go to rehab, he only comes back to test Tony’s patience again by accusing him of sleeping with Adriana. Keep this line — or a PG version of it — on hand next time you’re dealing with that one person who’s always getting themselves into a new pit of problems.

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