The 10 Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches Of 2015

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12.29.15 14 Comments


Here is a list of SNL‘s best 10 sketches from the calendar year 2015. This means that the list is compiled from the second half of SNL‘s 40th season (excluding the 40th anniversary special) and the first half of the 41st season. As a rule, only sketches that aired on the show were considered. (Which is probably a dumb rule that will maybe be changed in the future, but for now, that’s the rule.)

You will probably disagree with this list for a couple of reasons: a) We are different human beings with different tastes and, more importantly, b) it was tough to crib only 10 sketches because there weren’t an obvious 10 sketches. In past years, there have been a lot more no-brainer, “Well, obviously that’s on the list,” type sketches. This year, there were less of those and a lot bigger pool of “These are great, but is it a top 10 sketch?” type sketches. In other words: I usually whittle this list down from 15 or so sketches. This year, it was 25.

Anyway, here are your 10 best SNL sketches (okay, actually 11) of 2015.

10. “Spaceship”

A top 10 list is a great way to honor innovative and remarkable works of art — sketches that even could be considered short films that may have been overlooked between all of the “in the moment” cultural references. And it’s also a place that can highlight Chris Hemsworth acting opposite a live chicken. Here’s Chris Hemsworth acting opposite a live chicken.

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