Top Chef Power Rankings Week 2: Find Padma’s Biscuits

12.09.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

This week on Top Chef, the producers wisely avoided any additional plantation controversy, taking the cheftestants (sorry, that’s what they’re officially called) instead to meet the local river troll and sample his buttery delights drawn from a magical chest.

“Yarrr, answer me riddles and ye can taste of me tray-sure,” said the river troll, cackling wildly and sprinkling Old Bay on his nipples.

Jk, the river troll was actually guest judge Frank Lee, introduced, in classic expository Top Chef fashion, by Chef Jamie as “the Godfather of low country cooking.”

On that note, I would like someone to make a Top Chef montage of the moment when the cheftestants have to explain to the audience who the guest judges are. Tentative title, “Don’t You Know Who This Guy Is, Bro?!”

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