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Cats and dogs — and funny pictures/videos of animals in general — ended up dominating Warming Glow in a way that I never could have predicted when I started the blog. For this list, I tried my best to select videos relevant to television, so that should explain why Keyboard Cat isn’t in half of these. In some instances, videos missed the cut because they’ve since been pulled from YouTube. Finally, I made the difficult decision of limiting the honorees to cats and dogs. Sorry, Squirrel with a Yogurt Cup on Its Head and crazy ferret ladies.

And because I didn’t want to embed every single video along the way, I’ve inserted a few of my favorite cat and dog pictures through the year into the list. They’re not relevant to the videos; they’re merely there for your enjoyment. Or, more accurately, my enjoyment.

10. Dogs Riding Bicycles. This actually happened TWICE. On Japanese TV, a Dalmation needed training wheels to ride a bike. Meanwhile, on Animal Planet’s “Superfetch,” a dog rode a tandem bike with his owner.

9. Puppies Dressed as Cats. Say what you will about Conan O’Brien’s troubled ascendancy to the “Tonight Show” throne, but he definitely understands what I want to watch on television: adorable puppies in cat costumes.

8. Urinating Chihuahua. I might have put this one higher, but the people who own the rat-dog that walks on its front legs while urinating for over a minute already won $100,000 for it.

7. Japanese Firefighters Cut Down Tree With Cat in It. This one got added to the list when I realized I didn’t have the time to compile a “Most Batsh*t Insane Japanese Videos” list. Partially because they’re all batsh*t insane.

6. Arrow Kitty Makes It to Television. A cat got shot in the head with an arrow and lived. I don’t know what I need to add to that.

5. Cats in Wigs. Cats in wigs? Cats in wigs.

4. Canadian Dog Adoption Segment Goes Awry. Unfortunately, the sheer insanity of the original three-minute clip has been pulled from YouTube and is only available if you hunt around Global BC’s website, but if you follow this link you can watch an abbreviated version. God I love live television.

3. M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes’ with Cat and Dog Sounds. No, it’s not TV-related, but it’s something delightful that I helped the Internet create. I will never again listen to this song without hearing dogs barking and cats screeching.

2. Mambo Dog. I’m going to watch this again right now, because it’s a dog in a dress dancing the mambo on Univision.

1. Ella the Rottweiler. The heartbreaking/heartwarming story of Ella, “a Rottweiler found drinking water from a drainage ditch along the highway. She was thrown from the car when her family got into a terrible car wreck, and she spent the next two weeks at the same spot on the highway, collecting debris from the crash that smelled like her family and waiting for them to come back.” It’s a brilliantly constructed and edited story from CBS news, and I’m getting misty-eyed just writing about it. Go ahead, watch it again. I need to go hug my dog.

Honorable Mentions: Shofar the Jewish Dog, Cats Getting High, Hound and Oragutan Are Best Friends (left off because of orangutan), New York Lottery Commercials, Russian Cat Circus, MacGyver Cat, Cat Massage (not actually a TV segment).

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