Topher Grace Edited All The ‘Seinfeld’ Scenes From Season 7 Of ‘Curb’ Into One Great Clip

Stars, they’re just like us! Apparently, or so it seems, Topher Grace got a little bit bored online this week and decided to edit together every Seinfeld scene from season seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm into one video. The That 70’s Show star posted the finished product on his Facebook page this morning and as a whole, it’s not too shabby. Fans of the actor seemed to enjoy his detour from being Leo DiCaprio’s best friend to pure geekery over one of the best comedy series of all time (or two of the best, depending on how you look at it).

By splicing all of the audition clips, appearances by the cast, and references from the entire season season 7 (which ended with a sort of reunion of the Seinfeld original cast), Topher has created a new perspective for fans. Instead of consuming an entire season to get their Seinfeld reunion fix — which, really, why wouldn’t you enjoy watching more Curb? — now you’ll only have to sit down for five minutes to take it all in. Grace himself described the project as “more of a radio play” but the idea behind it is the same. This isn’t the first time Grace has compiled something like this either.

Almost two years ago, he edited together 85 minutes of footage from the Star Wars prequels to make a more coherent and enjoyable story. Not that making the Star Wars prequels more enjoyable is a high bar, but the final result supposedly ended up as a major improvement over the original thing. No sign of what’s next for Topher on his video editing to do list, but we are kindly suggesting a better cut of Spiderman 3. Kidding, Topher! Watch the full video and decide for yourself if it makes season 7 of Curb more interesting, or if it just makes you want the show to finally come back from hiatus.

(Via Topher Grace on Facebook)

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