Topless Female Protesters ‘Attacked’ Heidi Klum During ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ Finale

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05.31.13 8 Comments

Here’s a fun game: let’s see the headline wording five different publications used for a story about topless protestors storming the Germany’s Next Top Model stage during the Heidi Klum-hosted reality show’s finale.

Heidi Klum attacked by topless women during Germany’s Next Top Model finale (Via)

That’s Fox News, naturally. Here’s the far more feminist Bust.

Heidi Klum Gets Bombarded By Topless Feminist Protesters (Via)

More hyperbolic than I would have expected. Don’t let me down, New York Daily News.

Heidi Klum ambushed by topless protesters on finale of Germany’s Next Top Model (Via)

AMBUSHED. The Daily Mail‘s header is just weird.

Heidi Klum flashed by topless protestors at the final of Germany’s Next Top Model (Via)

Surprised they didn’t change “Model” to “XXX BEWBIES XXX.” One last entry:

Florida Man Left Loaded Gun On Dinosaur Ride At Disney World (Via)

You got me. That one’s unrelated, though no less important than:

Klum got quite the surprise on the final episode of Germany’s Next Top Model when the stage was suddenly ambushed by two topless women throwing their arms in the air with “Heidi Horror Picture Show” written on their chests…There has been no clear explanation as to what the two semi-naked women, who are activists for the Femen feminist group, were exactly attempting to protest. (Via)

OBAMA taking away our right to bring guns to dinosaur rides at Disney World, probably.

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