Tori Spelling’s New Docuseries ‘True Tori’ Looks Super Duper Awkward

Tori Spelling has a new “docuseries” out, which is the new thing with celebrities — like Lindsay Lohan’s Lindsay — that’s basically like a reality show but you can’t call it that because of THUPER THERIOUS themes, so adding “docu” to it somehow gives it some kind of credibility. Anyway, Tori’s new series is called True Tori, and you can tell how serious it is by the fact that the title is barely even a pun.

The docuseries will air on Lifetime in six hour-long episodes starting April 22nd, and presumably will focus almost entirely on the cheating scandal between Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, who entered rehab earlier this year following allegations that he cheated on his wife. So, you know, glass half full — at least they’re profiting off of his indiscretion?

In the preview, McDermott admits to cheating on his wife, comparing sex to an escape like drugs or alcohol — while Spelling breaks down crying, saying that she doesn’t think “he’ll ever be happy with just her.” Yikes. It’s this kind of thing that really makes you question where the line should be drawn as to what people should and shouldn’t be sharing with a public audience.

So, yeah. Not gonna lie, I’m probably gonna watch the hell out of this.