Tracy Morgan Recounts The Time His Alter Ego Got Him Kicked Out Of Prince’s House

I should start off by saying that I had no idea that Tracy Morgan had an alter ego named Chico Divine. I’ve always toyed around with having an alter ego myself, but I figured it was just creepy because I never planned to murder anyone. Tracy Morgan has the swag to pull off a bad ass alter ego of course, or did at least.

It was a topic of conversation on tonight’s Conan as Morgan brought up his wilder days as Chico and how he had to put it to rest after he had a daughter. The highlight of course is how he got kicked out Prince’s house for being a bigger freak than the purple one.

That deserves a tip of the hat if anything. To get yourself kicked out for being too wild and crazy for Prince? That’s a hard scenario to imagine. Luckily Morgan does a good enough job in the clip that I don’t have to strain myself until my nose bleeds.

(Via Team Coco)