Tracy Morgan Has Been Moved From The Hospital To A Rehab Center

Actor Tracy Morgan continues to make progress in his recovery from the June 7 limousine accident that left him in critical condition at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey. The comedian’s representative sent a positive statement to The Wrap and other media outlets that confirmed that he has been moved from the hospital to an “undisclosed rehab center,” and while he still has considerable work to do, he has been showing signs of improvement.

“Tracy has been transferred to an undisclosed rehab center, where he is expected to remain for the next few weeks,” Lewis Kay said. “While he is continuing to show signs of improvement, he still has a long way to go.”

Kay continued: “He and Megan wanted to publicly express their deepest gratitude to everyone at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for the unbelievable care and attention they provided him.” (Via The Wrap)

I can’t help but think that my vow to watch 30 Rock every night until Morgan fully recovered from his injuries is helping; however, I have to admit that I already watch 30 Rock every night as it is, so it may just be that he’s getting really great treatment from the hospital and its doctors. Either way, I can’t rule out the mysterious powers of the universe. If anything, I just hope that the health experts at the new rehab center pay close attention to Morgan’s very specific personal care instructions.