Tracy Morgan Made Ice Cube Laugh By Joking About How Much Money He Made From His Accident

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Norm Macdonald has the crown when it comes to sending a television interview off the rails. The former Weekend Update anchor is proficient at hijacking interviews and segments, especially when it comes to Conan’s various shows. But Tracy Morgan tossed his hat into the ring on Wednesday by stealing almost every segment from Conan and his fellow cast mates from Fist Fight. It starts with the story of “Big Murtis” above and her Sonny Liston hands, but soon devolves into Morgan bringing one of his stories into every free moment. And it’s welcome.

One of the funnier moments was when Ice Cube revealed that Tracy likes to talk and joke about how much money he got from his accident. Making fun of a near fatal incident is certainly one way to help move past it, so why not? Morgan is just happy the Walmart truck was the one that hit him instead of one from like Bob’s Discount Furniture. “You know they ain’t got no money.”

Next, he comes in following JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s story about being “knocked up” while filming the movie — a funny moment by itself. Once he hears the story, Morgan has to agree. He’s old school and loves the Sylvester Stallone suite.

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