Tracy Morgan And Kenan Thompson Are Searching For Jackie Chan In This Wonderfully Odd ‘SNL’ Sketch

As was noted in the SNL Scorecard for this week, Tracy Morgan’s return was a much needed boost to this early SNL season. After two lackluster weeks, Morgan shows that having former SNL cast members back to host is normally a good thing. Take this weird sketch for example, titled “Yo! Where Jackie Chan at Right Now?”

It is essentially “The Denise Show” or “Dog Show,” but with the focus being the current location of action star Jackie Chan. You won’t find a better or more bad ass topic, but Morgan and Kenan Thompson manage to make this sketch something completely silly, for that 10-to-1 weed smoker’s special spot at the end of the show. Jay Pharoah plays a very tax-conscious Chris Tucker, Kyle Mooney is the worst Chuck Norris since the real Chuck Norris, and Owen Wilson shows up to talk about his good buddy Jackie for a minute. Then we have Leslie Jones as herself, tracing Chan’s whereabouts back to a street corner in 1997.

It makes little sense, but the idea that two idiots managed to get a television show searching for Jackie Chan, while also inviting famous guest stars to help is funny to me, and is likely funny to you too.

(Via SNL)