Tracy Morgan Offered A Hysterical Defense Of Paula Deen Last Night On Kimmel

Tracy Morgan appearing on any talk show is always appointment viewing. Tracy Morgan on Jimmy Kimmel Live is downright mandatory viewing. The two just work so well together.

That said, Morgan was on Kimmel’s show last night and was predictably wonderful. His defense of Paula Deen was particularly delightful.

“I think people were way too hard on her. She’s a 65 year-old white woman from the South, I wouldn’t trust her if she didn’t use the N-word,” Morgan said in the wildly erratic manner that is his trademark. “You can’t be so hard on her!”

He then launched a Paula Deen cooking chicken wings joke that made Kimmel lose it and made the audience groan through their laughter and it’s so good I don’t want to spoil it here. Just watch it above.

And here’s the first part of the interview…

And the last…