Tracy Morgan Helps Seth Meyers Celebrate Being A New Father With A Very Special Gift

Late Night was on a short break last night due to the unexpected arrival of Seth Meyers’ new baby boy on Easter Sunday. To kick off Tuesday’s show, Meyers went into detail about his trek to the hospital and how his wife was a trooper in the delivery room — despite his desire to celebrate all of the nursing staff wearing rabbit ears for the holiday.

It’s a fun tale and his excitement really shines through, especially near the end. That said, the real excitement doesn’t pop until Tracy Morgan arrives on the set for his interview.

Morgan teased his gift to Meyers on Twitter and it did not disappoint. It’s probably one of the more thoughtful gifts a new father could give his baby boy, just cutting out all of the delays and awkwardness of the teens by hitting it right out of the gate.

After the memorable entrance, Morgan moved into doing his thing by hitting on Batman V Superman being rigged and the most disappointing fight since Pacquiao/Mayweather. He then tosses in some stuff about Superman’s African heritage and Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight being so dramatic because of his breakup with Jennifer Garner.

I also like that his treatment of the NBC pages is almost exactly like how he treated them on 30 Rock. Don’t trust them to help you figure out your comedy. There’s also a lot of good bits revolving around The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes, and the genius of the octopus.

(Via Late Night)

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