Trailer for Adam Carolla’s ‘Car Show’

Back in 2008, NBC made a pilot that adapted BBC’s “Top Gear” for an American audience, starring “Man Show” co-host and podcast master Adam Carolla. But NBC passed on the show, and now History is making the American ‘Top Gear” without him. Carolla will instead host “The Car Show” on SPEED, the first trailer of which is embedded below.

I’m not exactly a car guy — I moved to New York in part because I hate driving (or rather: I hate other people driving poorly) — but I can’t deny that Carolla does a good job of working his nasally charm in this trailer. At the very least, I found it more entertaining than the first trailer for the American “Top Gear.” Not that either is all that appealing to me. Comparing car shows to each other, for me, is like comparing Merchant-Ivory films. “Oh, well, I guess Remains of the Day is a little better than Howards End. But I’d still prefer to get tear-gassed than watch either.”