French Train Hero Spencer Stone Got A Surprise From The Warriors’ Klay Thompson On ‘Kimmel’

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09.09.15 2 Comments

Well, I guess it’s time for those heroes who thwarted a terrorist attack to get their due. First, Anthony Sadler was on The Tonight Show, and now Spencer Stone stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to tell his story about the harrowing ordeal on-board that speeding train.

Being the one who first rushed a gunman, Stone had a few more wounds and more exciting instances of near-death. But, much like Sadler was on Fallon, Stone was still way more modest about helping to stop a deadly terrorist attack on a train and saving a man’s life than I ever would be. This modesty might explain why the Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson would just stop by and surprise Stone by handing him the keys to a brand new Chevy Camaro. That’s the moment where modesty would definitely be out the window for me, but that’s just me. Heroics deserve rewards and Stone is just that, a hero.

Congrats on the nice car and great surprise. You deserve it and much more.

(via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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