Twitter Freaked Out After An Insanely Shocking Death On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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06.04.17 9 Comments



Through the first two seasons of Fear The Walking Dead, it was not a show exactly known for big surprises or shocking deaths. In fact, the series has often been criticized for its reluctance to kill off main characters, having only killed two through two seasons, Chris Manawa and Lisa Ortiz. In tonight’s second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, however, the series killed off the other Manawa. Chris’ Dad and Lisa’s ex-husband, Travis.

This is a huge death for Fear the Walking Dead. A game-changer for the series. It’s essentially the equivalent of killing off Shane on The Walking Dead. Travis has been in every episode of the series. He’s driven many of the storylines. And now? He’s gone.

It was an unexpected and strangely quiet end for Travis. In the night’s first episode, Travis — trapped in a pit of zombies — managed to fight off and kill over two dozen walkers. He saved Nick. He carried Luciana to the safety of the helicopter. While in the air, however, the helicopter came under fire from an unknown source. Travis took a bullet in the neck. Recognizing that the bullet would be fatal, Travis quietly opened the door to the helicopter, gave Alicia one last look, and he silently fell out of the chopper and plummeted to his death.

Twitter reacted with a mix of shock, anger, confusion, and grief.

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