Tread LOL-ly With The ‘Breaking Bad’ Final Season Gag Reel

“If you’re deeply immersed in the Breaking Bad coverage here at Uproxx as we approach the final eight episodes, you might be feeling…” That’s what Dustin wrote back in August, when the gag reel for the first half of season five was released online and before the second half aired. How foolish we all were. “WE WANT BREAKING BAD BACK,” we all yelled at our laptops and/or TV, not realizing that once it returned, it would be out of our lives that much sooner. How might you “be feeling”? Then it was “tense”; now it’s overwhelming sadness that we’ll never see new footage of that jokester Heisenberg again.

Except for the season 5b gag reel, part of the complete series DVD box set that you’ve already asked Santa for. (Y’know, Santa, mans Amazon’s customer service hotline from 1-5 a.m. Nice guy.) You can watch that below, before it gets taken offline, and don’t forget about the alternate ending, too.