Treat Yo’ Self To The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

Based on its premise alone, “Doppelgängers” was going to be a very good episode of Parks and Recreation. Actually, every episode of Parks and Recreation is a very good episode; “Doppelgängers” promised to be very, very good, and for the most part, it didn’t let down. At least in the doubles department: Eagleton Ron (Sam Elliott) played the crunchy freegan to Pawnee Ron’s bacon-chewing carnivore; Billy Eichner’s Craig was, well, Billy Eichner, a guy who loves his job (and Scandal) so loudly that he nearly makes Donna resign, and still might; and June Diane Raphael gave April an excuse to act like a shallow, insipid, nail salon-going Valley Girl. It was a delight.

Less entertaining was Leslie and the sense of betrayal she feels when Ann informs her she and Chris are thinking of moving. “That makes me incredibly sad, but also happy for you and Ann.” That’s how a sane person would respond to such a change. Leslie isn’t sane, or at least she wasn’t in this episode; she tried to get her friends and coworkers to sign loyalty oaths to her/Pawnee and took out her frustrations on the new hires (also: mustard cookies). Parks is the warmest, most likable sitcom on TV, but when its main character turns hostile and obnoxious, as Leslie did in “Doppelgängers,” then it loses that edge. The final scene makes it seem like Leslie has come to her wits and wants what’s best for Ann. I hope that’s true, because it’s also what’s best for Parks and Rec. LARRY! LARRY! LARRY!

1. It’s Xanax o’clock somewhere.

2. The meeting of the Rons.

3. Up with Ron, down with Ron.

4. You and me both, April.

5. Incurable diseases on the street.

6. Ben’s a regular Al Tucker.

7. TK.

8. Well, I wonder…what Ron thinks of “Barbarism Begins at Home”?

9. Throwing shade at Mellie.

10. Ben probably makes Leslie dress up as the Log Lady.