Treat Yo’ Self To The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Parks and Recreation is about good things happening to good people, or at least good people making the best out of their situations. April isn’t happy about not being able to see Andy, but she’s excited that he’s excited for something, that he has real responsibility, and she’s willing to let him go. Ron hates people, even the mere CONCEPT of people, but he’s willing to let his guard down to help a friend in need. Tom is running a failing business, one that he’s proud of, so when he’s offered the chance to sell, he accepts, but only if he gets a cut of the profit and keeps the name Rent-a-Swag. It’s not ideal, but it’s his, and he’ll do what he can to keep it that way. Then there’s Leslie.

She wants to help more than anyone, but time and time again, her optimistic efforts are thwarted by the Jamms of the world, self-serving marg-sippers (I’ve decided that’s an epithet) who care little for her and even less for their constituents. Still, usually, things work out for Leslie…except in “Recall Vote,” where she loses the recall election in a landslide. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but I’ve grown so accustomed to things working out for the little guy on Parks that it was a bit of a surprise. Councilwoman Leslie Knope is no more; she’s just Leslie Knope. But she’ll find a way to own that, too. She has 30 days left in office, and that’s a specific timeline that a show in its sixth season needs. Leslie has nothing to lose, and it’s a major win for Parks. (Also, I’m really, really happy this series is back.)

Andy and Ann

Andy and April


Donna and Ron


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